A Guide for Mindful Living

There is a new era that has dawned for those who are seeking something more in life.  Wondering what is the purpose in life?  My definition of life’s purpose is to live life purposefully, with joy and love.

It seemed to have all started with “The Secret” but that book harkens back to the earliest days of mindfulness, in which every sentient being is capable of participating in life to the fullest that each person desires.  There is an old story called “Two Boats and a Helicopter”.  A storm and severe flooding occurred, and the local parson stood on the steps of his church, when along came a boat filled with people, who said “come on, we’ll take you to safety”.  The parson replied that he knew the Lord would save him.  Later, as the parson had to climb into the bell tower because of the rising waters, another boat came by, also offering him safety.  Again, he replied that the Lord would save him.

Finally, he is on the roof with flood waters swirling around him — here comes a helicopter, offering a life line to him.  Again, nope, the Lord will save him.

Well, the parson was swept away, and he died. When he met his Lord at the Pearly Gates, he moaned: “why didn’t you save me?”  and God replied:  “I sent you two boats and a helicopter.  What more did you need?”

Throughout our lives, we are sent many boats, and several helicopters.  The key is to be mindful of what is being sent to you, see the opportunity, and be prepared to accept it even if your plans are otherwise, because higher powers often have a way of showing you which is the best path for you right now.  You just need to be tuned in to pick up the signals.

That is what Living with Purpose is all about.

4 thoughts on “A Guide for Mindful Living

  1. Alan

    At the very top of your computer,under the tabs is your URL. Copy and paste on the course site. Also on SEO remember to click “post”,then “add new”then write your heart out. Good looking site and great posts.
    God Bless

  2. Kavinah

    Great site. I like the story about the 2 boats and helicopter.

    We all receive these prompts but need the grace to see and discern what to do.


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