Creative Visualization Affirmations

Take time for what matters, and take time to manifest some creative visualization affirmations.  You don’t need to sit cross-legged in a yoga posture (my knees simply don’t bend like that anymore!) You don’t need solitude, or a special candle, or incense.  For creative visualization affirmations, all you you need to do is daydream.  That’s right – daydream.

First day on the job

First day on the job

Say that you want a new job.   You know where you would like to work, – a particular company, or office, whatever the environment – visualize it.  If you can, visit the worksite, so you know what it looks like.  Then, daydream about seeing yourself there.  At the desk in the right hand corner.  See yourself walking in each morning, saying hi to the boss and your coworkers.  Daydream for a few minutes and plan out your first day at work.  Walk yourself through it.  Where will you have lunch?  Who will you have a coffee with?

Travel Plans

Now, you decide you want to travel.  Where?  When?  Daydream about walking along the river in Budapest.  Or the left bank in Paris.  Find photos of your dream vacation, and make a vision board about it.  Then, close your eyes, and visualize yourself getting off the plane in Costa Rica.

Where do you want to go in life?

Where do you want to go in life?

Whew – it’s more humid than I thought!  Oh look – over there, under the palm tree, is a stand selling guava drinks.  Icy cold.  Oh, that tastes so sweet and good!  Walk along the beach, sandals off, warm sand between your toes, soft ocean waves lapping at your feet.

If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand

Once you daydream your vision, think of one phrase that you can repeat over and over that will help you focus on manifesting your dream.  Something like: “what will it take to visit Kuala Lumpur?” That is the first step in making your dream a reality.  Money? How much? Call a travel agent, go online, find a trip you want to take, know what it will cost, and see yourself saving the money, week by week – a trip jar, perhaps.  Then, put all  (ALL) your spare change, every night, in the trip jar.  A clear glass jar, so you can see the money grow.  Visualize the jar filled to the brim.  See yourself taking the jar to the bank, to convert the change into an airplane ticket. Then, as your creative visualization affirmation, repeat that phrase, “what will it take to visit Kuala Lumpur”,  over and over, maybe 30 times throughout the day, as you go about your day.

Be specific and know it will happen

Think of it like placing an order for a meal in a restaurant.  You order the salmon.  You know you will be served salmon.  You don’t say to the waiter “bring me some food” and wonder about what you will get.  You specifically say “bring me salmon” and you get salmon.  The more

Be specific in setting your goals

Be specific in setting your goals

specific you can make your daydream, the more it will become a reality.  See, feel, taste, hear everything in your daydream that you expect in the manifestation of the reality.  With a few creative visualization affirmations, and deciding what it will take to make it a reality,  you will have the life you want.

3 thoughts on “Creative Visualization Affirmations

  1. Jessica

    Hi Pamela. Great site! I especially liked how you went into detail about how important it is to get specific about your visualization. When I visualized certain things, it was the specificity that really put my manifestations over the top. I think your website will help a lot of people.

    1. Pamela Rice Post author

      It takes the guesswork out of the visualization process. So many folks think all they have to do is some “navel gazing” and everything they want will fall from the sky into their laps. Manifestation of your vision involves a whole lot of work! More than many think is necessary, so they stop short of achieving their goals. Thank you for your feedback!

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