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Tree Frogs; Mindful Leap of Faith

I watched a tree frog jump from the safety of the honeysuckle vine, through the air, and Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 7.44.34 AMland on a leaf of a lily. Tree frogs are tiny. About the size of my thumbnail. Yet, he leaped, after a bit of preparation, straight through the air from a secure perch to a leaf that wobbled and bent as he landed on it.
His preparation consisted of a bit of a neck stretch, a little bit of backside wiggle; he shifted his back feet a bit, and whoosh. Now that is an example of living with purpose! Through the air, several feet off the ground. I thought, what if he were the size of me? How far would that leap be for me?

Getting Ready to Get Ready

I tend to spend too much time preparing for something. Getting ready to get ready. That little frog got me wondering. What am I afraid of that I postpone a leap with busy work? What if I fail? Or, even more frightening, what if I succeed?

Overcome The Fear of Failure

What if I leap and my landing is wobbly, or I fall? How many times does the tree frog fail? Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 8.04.20 AMJudging by the number of tree frogs in my garden – not very often!! Any leap in life means new directions. I have often read the phrase “take the road less travelled”, which is a leap of faith. Having done that enough times in my life, is there a point where the leap of faith becomes hard wired in me; to leap forward regardless of the possibility of failure?

Take a Purposeful Leap

The tree frog launches himself into the air with no possibility of returning during that leap. So, take a leap of faith, see where you land, and decide where you want to go from there. Make it a purposeful leap.  Make it with mindfulness. Make it a habit to leap forward, and step by step, leap by leap, the distance between where you were and where you are now is a measure of your success.