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Take a Mindful Walk and Live with Purpose

Take time for yourself; be mindful of your purpose

Be Mindful with Purpose


This post might be a little out of alignment; and since I am writing with purpose, the visible format is really not terribly important right now.

In my journey to live with purpose, it became apparent that I had lost sight of the very purpose that got me started on the journey.  Re-learning, re-tooling, re-energizing, re-inventing the very essence of me has led to some major soul searching, and my biggest ah-ha moment occurred.  I am afraid of change, leery of success, wary of the new future me.

Overcome the Fear of Success

So, here is where the rubber meets the road.  Or, in the case of the title above, – where I go for a walk, in solitude and contemplation.  How can I possibly know anything about living mindfully if I overlook the very core of living with purpose?  My journey begins afresh, with a very short post today, and much much more to come in my new, refocussed future.

How to Be Mindful at Work and Still Keep Your Job

Once you have started on the path of mindful living, it’s amazing how quickly it becomes a part of your day.  Most of us go through the motions of living, and forget to be conscious of living with purpose,  only to discover at the end of the day, – that you can’t even remember what you had for lunch!!

What do I mean by that?  Well, look at the commute to work.  Many times, you have probably stopped for a traffic light, and thought, “I don’t remember the last couple of minutes of the drive.” You are on automatic pilot, and while, fortunately, you are a competent driver, it’s a bit of a jolt to realize you were driving in a state of unconscious competence.  When we become so immersed in the routine of daily living, that we go through certain parts of it, like driving to work, on automatic pilot, – that’s where the departure from living with purpose occurs.

So, what should we focus on, while going about our day?  This will sound odd, but focus on everything.  Don’t allow the automatic pilot to take over.  Be aware of your surroundings, of sights, sounds, smells.  I work very near a coffee roasting company.  Every day, I smell the incredibly rich and robust smell of coffee being freshly roasted.  When I meet a fellow worker on the way in, I say ” doesn’t that smell wonderful?” and the response is “what smell?”  They are so out of tune with being in the moment that they don’t stop to enjoy the state of being that we spend every moment of our lives in.  Whether awake or asleep, it is our state of being that matters.

If you are a file clerk, or a bank manager, or an astronaut (well, especially if you are an astronaut), focus on every detail of your day; be consciously aware of the purpose of each activity you undertake, make every moment the most important moment of your day.  It’s been often said to live each day as if it were your last.  That’s a bit extreme, really, because it focuses on a somewhat gruesome thought.  I find it much more uplifting to consider each moment as singularly important, because all we have in life in the present moment.

So why not honour that moment.  You will never have another just like it.



Watching the Sun Rise

I was opening the curtains in the bedroom this morning, and caught a glimpse of the rim of sunlight just washing the tips of the mountain range to the east.  I stopped.  I stood there, relishing in the change of colours on the horizon; inky blue, to deep cobalt blue, to purple,; while the sky rimming the mountains was deep coral, the peach, then the warm butter rich colour of the sun just over the horizon.  I knew it was coming —- in just a moment —– THERE !   The rays of the sun, flooding over the top of the mountains, growing by the second, but so quietly, – like a cat stalking a mouse.  You never see the actual movement, but when you blink, or look away, the cat is in a different place, – a different position.

I stood there, watching the effect of the sun on the valley below.  Magic.

I spent, maybe 10 minutes doing this mindfully.  My mind empty of the tasks ahead today,  I stayed focussed on the beauty of nature opening to the day around me.  It’s important to my state of being in this world to take 10 minutes when they are handed to me, – because it is an unseen force giving me the moment’s gift.  You’ve heard it before.  “Stop and smell the roses”. Listen to that inner voice, whether you call it God, or the universe, or the angels, put whatever title on it that speaks to you.

I know the universe has great plans for me, just as I knew the sun was going to appear.  I may not know the exact moment, but I know abundance is mine, waiting for me to be ready for it.

Mindfulness – a definition


the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
“their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition”
a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Sounds pretty lofty, doesn’t it?  Imagine trying to “calmly” acknowledge and accept one’s feelings.  Gee, really?  But my smart phone is ringing, the kids gotta get up for school, my boss is texting me about today’s crisis (at 7 am? – does she even ever sleep??)

Here’s the shorter definition.  Stop.  Breathe.  Repeat.

That’s it.  Just be.

Join me in the journey to seek ways to achieve mindfulness in daily life.  Follow me as I pass along tips, leads, and suggestions so that you can, step by step, re-learn what you learned so long ago.  And I invite you to share your thoughts on this emerging trend which will soon become a necessary part of your life, every day.